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TSBB General Talk / Re: Dropping and Re-Hanging Ca...
Last post by Spot - Jun 01, 2023, 09:12 PM
Thanks Riley. I do have a good floor jack and some experience with heavier machinery; I do not have any overhead gear. One of the videos the guy made his own 4 stands from wood, the second other guy spent the money on 2 real Brownell boatyard stands and a strap to a ceiling joist, the third used concrete blocks and 2x4's and had to reposition the bow blocks to let the trailer pass since the original third support interfered with a trailer cross member. The two doing keels did not have the stub just the swinging iron. I will need to be about 3 feet up for the trailer to clear the keel.
TSBB General Talk / Re: Dropping and Re-Hanging Ca...
Last post by Riley Smith - Jun 01, 2023, 08:42 PM
I hope you have a good jack! Or even better, a chain fall and a big beam. I bought a 3 ton floor jack awhile back and wonder why I haven't had one all of my life. Like, young men should be issued their very own 3T floor jack! Jack the F-150 up in two seconds! I have all the tools to make angled cuts in timber, and can weld up something if I can get the metal. All of these skills can be very useful in such a job. Be careful of el cheapo pipe jacks( although I'm used to picking up lots more than a ton). All of the wooden stuff (blocks, timbers, wedges, etc.) you use to temporarily hold something in place is called cribbing, and you'll need some for sure. Squares of plywood to spread the load. 4X4s and 2X4s. I jacked the catboat off the trailer awhile back and it was a dodgy deal if I ever saw one. Not only is the boat extremely wide, it has rocker for and aft, and it makes it really difficult to keep steady. Of all the stuff I've ever jacked up, it is the most difficult to get right. Most boats would be lots easier though. A good partner and extra set of hands and eyes is invaluable. If you don't jack your truck up for fun, then proceed with caution. A grinder and a stock of heavy duty sanding pads is lots cheaper than a sand blasting crew!
TSBB General Talk / Re: Dropping and Re-Hanging Ca...
Last post by Spot - Jun 01, 2023, 07:26 PM
Thanks Wayne, thanks CB.
All of the cast iron is outside the hull, held to the hull with 8 stainless bolts+goop along with a stainless wire going between the swinging part, up a standpipe, and into a winch. I have watched a few more YouTube videos and think I have the basic concept for jacking the boat to remove trailer to access this area. The iron is looking rough but not pitted so far. So I may take a few beats to sand and repaint. Last quote on sandblasting this was 500$ so I don't see that happening...
Precision / Re: Thanks to Dave for his Boo...
Last post by RichardS - Jun 01, 2023, 07:09 PM
Frank, are you coming to Harborfest again? I will be sailing about Godspeed again. Would love to connect.
TSBB General Talk / Re: Dropping and Re-Hanging Ca...
Last post by Charles Brennan - Jun 01, 2023, 07:07 PM
Wayne, and Spot,
Yes, I saw the post but can not do very much about it since the web site is clogged with pics (of which I am probably the most guilty) and therefore, I can not provide a photo essay of pulling my trailer out from underneath my boat.
Ditto with my 2015 keel refurbishment, since it is frozen somewhere in the old TSBB archives. (Although, I do have the original pics and could post them once the web site gets humming along again.)
Not hard, but maybe not for the Faint of heart, either!  ;D

Hope this clarifies,
Charles Brennan
TSBB General Talk / Re: Dropping and Re-Hanging Ca...
Last post by Wayne Howard - Jun 01, 2023, 03:42 PM
Calling Charles Brennan. Charles Brennan to the white courtesy phone!
Precision / If you need parts for your Pre...
Last post by tjspiel - Jun 01, 2023, 11:23 AM
James Steele, whose 2013 P-18 was crushed by snow this winter will be parting it out. Says he'll be listing the parts on the Precision Facebook page some time today.

There's also some sad pictures of the shell that remains. What a shame. It looked brand new.

TSBB General Talk / Dropping and Re-Hanging Cast I...
Last post by Spot - May 31, 2023, 09:59 PM
Hello Friends,
My Luger Southwind 21 has a 400# external keel stub and swing keel. I just finished epoxying in the new framing and want to drop the stub, re-bed, and re-hang the arrangement with new stainless hardware.

I could hire the boatyard to do that but I am afraid that a short haul and a couple hours yard worker time could be 500 or more dollars. I'd rather spend that money on...well, another boat :)

I saw a couple videos where a gentleman jacked up a boat and removed the trailer and removed his keel.

Anyone done this maneuver? Which bedding compound? Best way to loosen up whatever adhesive/sealant is already there? is already there?

I have been looking at lower end, 28-52" x 2500 lb pipe stands, I could get 3 or 4 of those for less than 300$ and be set the next boat off trailer experience. My boat all up is around 2000# so not pushing it in that regard.

I still have about a week until full epoxy cure, will not mess with the hull until then.
Precision / Re: Good sailing this past wee...
Last post by Quantico Frank - May 31, 2023, 07:46 PM
Nice that you were able to sew on that UV strip! I had a jib sock when I had the P15, and it worked fine, but an extra step. I do really miss the ability to reduce the size of my headsail, but it also works out well with the P165 to strike the jib altogether, although others have commented on reduction of performance. And maybe a furler's a necessity if you're racing like RonD does.
Just Trailers Q&A / Unknown brand winch
Last post by Joe Mason - May 31, 2023, 07:25 PM
Hi guys,  I,m back!  I'm retired now.  'Still sailing my 1971 CAL 21. 
(New sails, new rudder, new radio).  Still looking for pa good depth finder, but that is not today's search.  Today I'd like to know if aonyonek owns what brand winch I have on my CAL 21 sailboat.  I think it,s time to replace my pawls.  Lewmar makes repair kits for different winches, but you gotta' know. What winch you have.  Anyone have a clue?