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Started by CapnK, Feb 02, 2023, 08:26 AM

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Noemi - Ensenada 20

Are you guys ok down there?  Charlie, Jim B, Wayne?

Wayne Howard

Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle. 

Just kidding. I'm about 200 feet above the lake and the lake needs about 10 feet of water to be at normal levels. And the flooding on the Guadalupe River is downstream of the lake, where they really got rain.
Wayne Howard
Master and Commander of S/V Impetuous
I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing.

Noemi - Ensenada 20

Norm L.

What is the situation with archives, here and at the sub boards. Do I remember that they will be phased in over time? Or was that just a wish.

Noemi - Ensenada 20

Kurt is planning to add them when he can.  Last I knew.

Norm L.

Noemi - Ensenada 20

Latest house project - stripped wallpaper and paint from a wall of my spare room.  You can see the chunk that had already delaminated.  Also note the paint all over the woodwork - eeewww!

You cannot view this attachment.

 Partway done.  A scraper slid under the wallpaper got most of it easily.

You cannot view this attachment.

All the paper off.  Looks yucky.  I thought it was just old plaster.  Note the woodwork - it's not perfect, but it's no longer icky.

You cannot view this attachment.

But I scrubbed it with soap and water.  Much nicer.  Then I patched - why on EARTH did someone drive nails through plaster???

You cannot view this attachment.

Primed.  Ahhh - getting there.

You cannot view this attachment.


You cannot view this attachment.

Here's the paint color, with a nautical border I found a long time ago. 

You cannot view this attachment.

Of course, now I want to do the rest of the room!  As if I didn't already have enough projects...

Captain Kidd

Fabulous! Quite the transformation!

Frank B.

Old houses, much work, worth the effort....good job.

Noemi - Ensenada 20

I'm about to protect the house as an historical building.  Prevents someone from messing up what I've done, and gives me access to some information and maybe grants.  We shall see.

Norm L.

Agree with the comments. An old house with good bones should be preserved, just as with an old boat.
That trim is cool. I like it. And wallpaper for accents is the new retro hot thing in interiors.


Lookin' good, Noemi.  Personally I have recently been nominated for historic status also.  Musta been that last b'day. 

I don't get here very often, hope everyone is doing well.

Norm L.

Glad to see you checking in and hope you are doing well.

Recently exchanged emails with Jeff Fuchs, our peg leg sailor. There was a beautiful article in the New Orleans paper about his wife Janice and the wonderful things she did for cats before cancer took her.

Doug SC

Westy, it is Great to see you posting here. I look forward to your stories and humor.


"Why on EARTH did someone drive nails through plaster???"

Uhmm, to hold the laths in place to hold up the plaster?

That would be my guess as where you find plasters, you'll usually find laths as well underneath it.

Still looking good Noemi!