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boat sales?

Started by Kuwull, May 02, 2023, 10:54 AM

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I don't see any boats for sale, or maybe I am missing something.
I have a Precision 23 with a brand new (boat hasn't been on it, yet) Magic-tilt trailer with mast raising system.
Changes in life have made it not used enough to justify slip expense, so I want to put it on the market.
Is there a place on the forum for sales, or can I just start a new thread announcing it?


Captain Kidd

Welcome. Sorry you're having to sell.

We're all learning the new site. Not sure about selling on here. Might try here:

or here:

Of course there is always Craigslist or FB Market Place.

Good luck!


Sailboat listings. Com that's were I found my dream boat

Captain Kidd

Quote from: Macsp21 on May 03, 2023, 09:52 AMSailboat listings. Com that's were I found my dream boat

I've shopped there as well. Just have to notice the date listed. Some listings are very old.


I'll set up a For Sail area - 2 sections - one for Boats, and one for Gear.

Sound good? Input?


You'll get a lot of views here:

Also, facebook marketplace is an option.