Honda 2hp float bowl

Started by Pete, May 21, 2023, 11:01 PM

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I have a BZBF engine and BF2D carb. My float bowl must be steel (why in heck would they make this out of steel?) because it is rusted like mad. So I am looking for another at a decent price and the myriad of Honda parts has me baffled and I can't seem to find any that match my figures. Anyone know of a decent source of parts where I can find this?


I'm fairly sure I ordered parts for my 2hp Honda here;
They carry the float bowl for around $20.00.
Make a careful inventory of parts you may need.  I forgot one part and to order again incurred a second shipping charge that was more than the cost of the part. I was able to improvise an alternate repair.
Jon Barber