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Ahhh. B.E.E.R. again

Started by Wayne Howard, Jun 04, 2023, 01:50 PM

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Wayne Howard

So I am still not 100% so Connie volundrafted her two youngest sons as deck monkeys. Connie and I have been putting in some last minute projects. We should finish this year's list by Wednesday. I am off crutches and using a cane for long distances. My unaided distance is getting longer and longer every day. I can currently make several trips from the cockpit to the bow pulpit while Impetuous is secured in her slip. But she won't let me out of the cockpit once we drop the lines.  >:(  But I'll be on the boat!  ;D
Wayne Howard
Master and Commander of S/V Impetuous
I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing.


Wayne, I admire your determination to keep living the life you wish, as closely as you can.    I would like to go to B.E.E.R. too, but my wife is not a sailor, and I get around about as well as you do,  My sailing friends are mostly my age and infirmity, so the fact that I sold my boat last fall is not a related issue.

The most pressing conflict is to attend the celebration of life of my niece's husband, a quarter century younger than I.  That event will include a sail on the wooden schooner Zodiac, in the San Juan Islands, to distribute his remains. I will steer for some of that outing, most likely all the time that sails are raised or lowered. I steered about half the trip when my sister and her husband were distributed a few years ago.  I will try to get in some sailing locally, with friends, but will miss partying with the Trailer Sailor friends down on the gulf.

Connie Shanghaiing a crew is the icing on the marital cake.  Shirley does not sail with me, but has flown 800 hours in small Cessna aircraft with me, and that has been one my great benefits from our marriage.

Happy sailing at B.E.E.R.