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FL 120 Videos

Started by Ed, May 23, 2023, 07:43 PM

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We had a good time!  Overserved/overheated/great sailing/not enough memory foam/great bushwackers! Had to walk the boat out of Flounders from the beach up to my armpits due to all the PB and people in water.   Hit 7 knots near Pensacola Pass on Saturday.  Had zero problems towing the 750 miles round trip from North Georgia except 14.6 mpg with the hemi.  Not to self, when you are beat on the return leg of the trip, DON'T get the big breakfast at Waffle House no matter how much coffee you drink!  Talked to Charles and his son a few minutes at Big Sabine but we were on our own most of the time.  Here is a link to my videos:

Captain Kidd

Ed, enjoyed your videos.

We did a Pensacola sailing trip 10 years ago - Oct '13. Launched from Shipyard Marina, spent the first night there, sailed/motored to Little Sabine where we stayed at a marina and explored Quietwater and surrounds and celebrated my wife's birthday at Crabs, sailed to sailboat cove next day where we anchored overnight, and returned to Shipyard the last day. A good trip. We did encounter some pretty lumpy conditions going from Sabine to SB cove. I think the tide was going out and the confluence of currents from the Sound and Bay gave us a little fright as the rollers hit us broadside. My wife didn't enjoy that 10-15 minutes. Unfortunately, the water had a fair number of jellyfish, so we didn't get in any swim time. I'd love to do a FL120 sometime. 

yep, that's us  between the  two monster boats at Shipyard Marina

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no explanation needed

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at least she enjoyed part of the trip

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anchored at sailboat cove

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