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Launched P165

Started by Eddie C, May 26, 2023, 10:16 AM

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Eddie C

Purchased a '96 Precision 165 Nov'22 and finally launched last week. Other than scrubbing the bottom I did little prep as the boat was pretty clean. I did use treated 2x2 wedges at the top of the motor mount to change the angle so the little Suzuki will lock in the up position.
On Sun I motored the 4 miles to the state park area to participate in a club race. The first raising of the sails was just prior to the race start. Noticed 2 missing lower battens and an overly snug top batten which made an exaggerated curve in the sail (original sails). No time to worry as the 5 minute horn sounded while I was far from the line chatting with another sailor. We had a mostly drifting race. I got a puff which gave me an early lead which I somehow managed to maintain. Crossed the line ahead of a Flying Scot, Capri 18, Mobjack 17 and Tanzer 22. My first win in many years.
My prior experience with Precisions was a 23' I had from '87 to '95. Loved that boat and think I'll really enjoy the 165.


Pretty impressive to win against a Flying Scott the first time you ever sailed the boat !

Welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll enjoy the 165.

I wonder if your top batten is really one of the two missing lowers. Not sure about the 165 but a few of the battens on my stock P-18 sail are pretty close in size.


Hi Eddie,

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new to you P-165.

I've found that it is easy to over tighten the long batten on my P-165. I was used to keeping them snugged down from my windsurfing days. If it is too tight, it can be difficult to fully raise the main and the front of the batten can hang up on the mast when tacking.

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Brian N.

Good for you Eddie! The P165 is a great little boat, IMHO. I've found that the top batten is sensitive to trim, and you'll eventually find the right combo for different points of sail. You beat some impressive boats, give yourself a pat on the back!
Fair winds
Brian N.


Talk about an ambitious maiden voyage, but well done Eddie!
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Very cool Eddie!  Congrats on the win and many more!!!

Eddie C

Thanks all for the warm welcome, information and encouragement. I can't gloat too much - on our small lake it's not unusual to be becalmed while boats fairly close by catch a breeze. It was rare good fortune that gifted me the few puffs of air that others didn't get. Looking forward to learning more about the 165 and tapping in to the collective knowledge and experience on this forum. Regards, Eddie C

Quantico Frank

Welcome to the forum, Eddie! We have a lot of P165 sailors here. Where do you sail, or did I miss it?
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Eddie C

Claytor Lake in southwestern VA. It's a narrow lake bordered by steep hills. You have to be a bit of a masochist to sail here. Beautiful place though.

Quantico Frank

Hahaha!! I know all about it! My mother was born in Radford and her family lived there. My uncles used to have motor boats, and I fondly remember going out with them on Claytor lake. I do remember that I used to have fears of going over the dam when I was out with them at probably age 7. Do you know a guy named Mike Finch who has like a 22 foot sailboat on the lake? I go fishing out on the bay with him every year.

IN FACT, now that I think of it, I think the previous previous owner of my own boat, "Spirit" may have sailed it on Claytor Lake. I bought it from a physician in Morgantown, WV who bought the boat from the original owner, and I want to say he may have lived in Blacksburg. Any ideas?
Precision 165 "Spirit" built 2011
Home port Quantico, VA, Potomac River

Eddie C

Yes I know Mike  - he's a great guy and an excellent racer - hasn't chosen to compete for a while though. I'm not sure but think your boat was originally owned by George, also a really nice person.
Today I finished a project altering the bunks and adding a platform for the keel on my hand cranked lift that the 165 is now sitting on. A bit of a workout cranking it up (did this multiple times trying to get it just so). If I had a little more electronic know-how I'd post some pics. I use an iPhone. Any suggestions?