Another Precision spotted in Maine

Started by Tom G P 21, Jun 04, 2023, 07:12 PM

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Tom G P 21

We were camping in Boothbay this weekend and because the weather was so bad decided to go for a drive. Drove out to Cundys Harbor and spotted this P 18. Its located at the south end of the harbor just before you go out to the point.

Brian N.

Precision produced a lot of boats, especially the P18s. There is a P21 on a mooring as I enter Long Island Sound at the Nissequogue river. A friend on a nearby mooring has never seen the owner, or even seen the boat off the mooring. 
Fair winds
Brian N.


I need to find some other Precision owners (or any trailer sailors) that want to get together for a sail in Maine.

Tom- strange weather in Maine the last week. I've been fly fishing in Rangeley. The first few days were in the 90's, then a front came through and it's been in the 40's. Roasted & chilled in the same week.

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