FL 120 2K23 Day 5: Deadman Island to Fort McRee & Big Lagoon State Park

Started by Charles Brennan, Jun 05, 2023, 07:03 PM

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Charles Brennan

FL 120 2K23 Day 5: Deadman Island to Fort McRee & Big Lagoon State Park

The morning was really overcast and just the least bit blustery, but that did not deter, Steve Gully on Modi-5d.
He started zipping out there, while we were watching him, as we were still eating our breakfast.
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Ed and I had been generally taking turns bending on and/or changing out the headsails throughout the week, but on our final day (and with the Alleve supply running low) I was happy to have him "volunteer" to handle the sails.
While I sat there, like a Lox.
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Ah!  THAT'S better! :)
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Dreary gun-metal grey skies, but I knew it would get brighter and brighter as the day progressed.
It always does in Florida.
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Tripped across this boat anchored smack in the middle of the Sound, nobody aboard and some obvious rigging difficulties.
Both felt for him, and was glad it was not me.
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I hope he ended up, OK.
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KNEW it would brighten up!
Just passing Fort McRee.
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Ok, pretty sure this guy was NOT in our group.
For one thing, he didn't even wave when he went by.
Clearly, some Up-North Yankee.
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Approaching Big Lagoon State Park, I had Ed "volunteer" again to take down the jib and stow it below.
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In the short time it took for this yacht to blast past us, he probably consumed more fuel than we had consumed, all week.
Think maybe one of these days, I will become enlightened enough to feel compassion for these guys.
Or not.
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I didn't get any pics of landing at Big Lagoon, because EVERYBODY and his brother was trying to come in to the ramp.
Felt like Miami on Memorial Day, or something.
Circled and circled and circled, until I thought my rudder was going to warp that way, permanently.
Finally saw an opening and tied off quickly and went to fetch the truck, leaving Ed to crank up the centerboard, lift up the outboard, remove the rudder, etc.
It's GOOD to be the Captain!! :D

Pulled up in the staging line behind a pontoon boat.
Owner remembered at the last minute he had not installed the pontoon tube plugs.
Kinda seems like that would be first on my list.
Took his time launching, then he loaded his whole family aboard.
Then instead of pulling out of the way, he pulled up just enough to block everybody else.
Which was when a family member or two, decided they had to go back for the float toy they had forgotten.
Didn't bother me, sitting in the air conditioning of the truck, but I felt bad for Ed.
But hey! A scant 45 minutes later, I backed the trailer in, retrieved Urchin in a trice and we rigged for the road and went home.

Without incident, mind you.
No drama, nothing significant got busted and all the different modifications and improvements I've been making on Urchin all worked well beyond my hopes.
Depending on some pending Family obligations, I intend to be right back here, for the BEER Cruise! :D
I sure had a great time on the FL 120 and I'm grateful for Scott's efforts and for the camaraderie of the people I anchored next to, and sailed with.

Charles Brennan

Captain Kidd

Enjoyed reading about the FL120. I'm setting here reading it while I'm at camp with our youth group in Pensacola! Went kayaking today in Perdido Bay. Anybody need crew tomorrow?

One of these days I'd like to make a 120.

Thanks for the report.