2023 Bridges Sail

Started by Bud, Mar 03, 2023, 08:49 PM

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I stopped by the Ox-Bow Marina to make arrangements for an overnight the last weekend in October. If you remember there are no places to have dinner around the marina. We, the club, have always provided the Saturday night meal. It turns out that this year the evening we will be there the Marina West Yach Club is having a Halloween dinner dance. The yacht club is a short walk from our boats. We have been invited to the event. Dinner will be $25 or $35, which includes one drink. If we did this the options would be, to eat on your boat or join the yacht club for dinner. Let me know what you think if enough people are interested I will pursue it. I will also put something in the next newsletter. Some good news the marina is going to provide a continental breakfast for us on Sunday.


It looks like I have done this twice. Blame it on age.


I think it's great that the yacht club is extending their hospitality.  The Potter Yachters should definitely plan to attend that dinner.  Thanks for finding out about it!


Phil, you are the only one who has responded. I will put a notice in the newsletter mid-year. I think now is too early. It is a yacht club of stink pots, but what the hell, food is food and Bobbi doesn't have to cook. The marina will do something special for us at Sunday morning breakfast. We can no longer have a beer/pee break at Moores Riverboat. It burned down. As last year's Bridges sail we will stop at Koket on the Sacramento River for lunch. Great food. fast service and an excellent India Pale Ale on tap. I know that will be there, it is the owner's favorite. The only negative is the small dock, there will be a lot of rafting.

Dave K - SF Bay

Bud, I'm in favor of joining the fun at the yacht club. These kind of arrangements are often full of pleasant surprises.


Dave, I think I will go ahead and make arrangements with the yacht club, and give participants the option of going to the yacht club or making their own dinner on their boat. It is a costume dinner dance, I will find out if we really have to come in costume.