I was boarded yesterday

Started by Bud, Jul 11, 2023, 12:25 PM

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Yesterday I launched "Splash" by Potter 14. It was the first launch after I discovered a six-inch plywood separation. The good news is the boat did not leak.
I normally carry two life preserves on the boat. A coastal inflatable, and a jacket type that was in the boat when I acquired it. The inflatable was on the P19.
The weather was very nice, almost no wind and the river was smooth. I had the life preserver in the cockpit on a bench.
I sail on this river almost every week and until yesterday I always had a life preserver on. There is a Coast Guard station in Rio Vista, so I see the Coast Guard just about every time I sail. I think because I didn't have a life preserver on they stopped me. I made room for them to come aboard, but they choose not to. The only thing I didn't have that they asked for was a horn. I did have one, but it quit working and I didn't replace it. The Coastie said they would give me a whistle. When they finished the paperwork I received a copy and they released the boat. The wind had completely died so I was motoring. I looked up and here comes the Coast Guard towards me at a high rate of speed. I thought to myself I must be in trouble. They came alongside and without stopping threw me a whistle.
When I was sailing the coast I always had the boat inspected before the sail. I always had a current sticker on the mast. I think that and I almost never saw a Coast Guard boat was the reason I had never been boarded.


Wow!  It's great to hear a happy story involving the Coast Guard.  At least you weren't in distress and didn't get a fine for missing equipment.  And it's good to know that they're out there watching.

Thanks for sharing that with us!!

Fair winds!

Brian N.

My dad served in the CG during WWII and had several harrowing stories, which always reminds me about the under-rated importance of the CG during war and "peace" time. I was boarded only once when I first got the boat (2008) and that was at the dock just before I pushed off. Very professional. I also find the local town Bay Constables very helpful. Two weeks ago as I was motoring out, the Bay Constable came alongside and warned me that it was too rough for safe sailing. Glad I listened. 
Fair winds
Brian N.