Replacing the braking winch on a Potter 19

Started by baobabcd, Jul 24, 2023, 01:44 AM

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Thank you for the great pictures. Yup that is what my ''glove box'' opening looks like.
Tried looking up the transon with a mirror and took pics using an Iphone. At first glance looks similar but  access to the nuts on the bottom of the winch seem blocked by the built of the winch. I suspect that this is not an original winch

Did have a look from under the bunks (after a tight squeeze) to run the cable to the keel but did not have a clear view of the mounting of the winch.

Very much appreciate your help. Will eventually figure a way to replace the existing winch with a braking winch. For now doing what I can to lower and lift the keel. Need a strong arm, good sync and a fat stick to bloc winch handle.

Again thank you so much for your assistance

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Well finally did get the a new braking winch installed. In my view very difficult as you have to feel your way from the ''glove box" to the topside of the winch to remove the existing winch.
The existing winch is held by four bolts (screw on top, lock nuts on the underside) Managed to wiggle the wrench 9/16 " to secure the nuts and used a big flat screwdriver from the top.

Once removed, needed to enlarge the handle spindle hole by quite a lot so that the new winch (Fulton 143002 model 1,000 lbs capacity, braking winch) ( the origianl Fulton K 650 is no longer available- in Canada at least) fit more or less in the same spot.
The attachement points for the 143002 are different so drilling the mounting plate of the 'new' winch is required to match the existing mounting holes
Of the four original mounting holes, was able to match up three ONLY.  One of the mounting hole lines up exactly with the drum rim so could not install the fourth bolt assembly without the nut of the bolt rubing against the drum rim.
Perhaps a bolt could be mounted by trimming the bolt and corresponding nut for the fourth mounting hole. That kind of machining skills is way beyond by pay scale

However with three mounting bolts secured, the winch seems very solid with no flex in the transom.

Hope this helps and thank you to all that came to my aid.
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Past : 420 (no jib), Wayfarer, Mistral 16, Potter 15, Siren 17

Doug SC

Glad you managed a fix. So far, my winch on a 2001 P19 is holding up I have the Dyneme line foe a cable.