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AMF 2100

Started by whitrike, Jul 31, 2023, 12:53 PM

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Does anyone know how seaworthy the AMF 2100 is? It is labeled as a racer-cruiser but seems more racer than cruiser. At 21 feet I know it wouldn't be the boat for long trips but wondering of it's potential for short passages in good weather, i.e. FL Keys/Bahamas.


My 2 cents. I race Thisles and Lasers as well as cruising on a trailerable.

I had that boat on my original list. I liked the looks. Kind of based on the J24 with a dagger keel, I believe. Looks like a racer, but no one design class, no proof that you are actually gaining any performance for all the comforts it doesn't have. When a boat doesn't have people improving performance through competition and Sail Design upgrades it probably isn't a great performer.  All trailer sailor brochures claim speed and usually say that they have won here or there. These claims should be taken with lots of salt. Web Chiles sailed a Moore 24 around the world. It has little space or headroom, but has a true racing pedigree, with full keel. An ultimate 20 might be a good boat to look at. It has a lifting dagger keel, fractional rig, and asymmetrical kite. It has a racing pedigree. It has spartan accommodations, maybe similar to the 2100.

All that being said, I chose comfort 1st for my trailer/cruisers. Compromised performance basically means poor windward sailing, which can't be improved once you have decent sails, tuning, and ability. The other performance consideration is reefing/furling rig.  This can be greatly improved. I've added a staysail and single line slab reefing, with 2 rows, to my Oday 240.

My original cruiser was a Starwind
223. I miss that boat. It had similar performance to the Oday 240, less headroom, but a nice sleeping set up for a couple. I could launch that boat in 40 minutes. I'm sure that it sails at least as well as the 2100 and can probably be had for similar dollars.

Good luck with your search.


Thank you for the feeback, rfrance0718!

Unfortunately I'm not able to consider options at the moment but really good to know your thought process to get some perspective. I've always sailed smaller boats in lakes but recently moved to the southeast and will be getting a free AMF 2100. I plan to explore the area with the 2100 for ~5 or so years before thinking about upgrading. I have never sailed in the ocean so I'm trying to understand the limits as I think about potential short cruises. My wife an I are used to roughing it so we miss what we've never had as far as the comforts go, at least for a while. I can see that changing in the near future.


Oh, free, that's a different story. No shopping needed. It should be similar my old Starwind 223, which I miss. It will be easy to trail, launch, and sail. Make sure that the lifting keel has a good lock down mechanism and be sure to use it. Have fun and let us know if your adventures!