~ SOLO CRUISING TO THE SACRAMENTO DELTA (part 1) ~ Clocked Me Gnoggin | San Pab

Started by madhatter101, Aug 20, 2023, 12:12 PM

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I'm on a mission to set a personal best for number of days aboard, and push up into the Sacramento delta faster and further than ever before. Starting from Santa Cruz, "Jonah" sails under The Gate, and hits +7 kts in SF and San Pablo Bay's.

Please join her, like and subscribe at...


Dave K - SF Bay

Some of the most unpleasant sailing I have done was in the San Pablo Bay in the middle of Summer.



I got fried in the sun sailing back to Benecia from Loch Lomond. Once I reached the river I thought My ordeal was near an end. I was wrong. Benecia is quite a way from the entrance of the river. The only respite from the unrelenting sun was under bridges.
Good luck. Think about sailing with a buddy boat for safety.