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Boater licensing???

Started by Scooter, Sep 06, 2023, 04:14 PM

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Brian N.

There is no perfect solution, or one size fits all situations. I am arguing the case more from the standpoint of personal responsibility. Strict DWI laws still don't prevent irresponsible drinkers from getting on the road. Same will probably apply to boating. But, responsible boaters should comply and raise awareness - even if it is a slight inconvenience. A few years ago, while at the ramp, I was boarded by the Bay Constable; I had all required equipment and signal devices. In a conversation with the Constable (very civil) he made the point that it is so easy to comply, yet he frequently finds boaters who give him a hard time or excuses. For example, how difficult is it to carry a daytime signal flag or orange smoke flares?
I'm 66 and have been driving since I'm 17, and I've taken the defensive driving course several times and not just for an insurance discount. I'm always reminded of something that I could improve upon or be more conscious of. 
Fair winds
Brian N.

Noemi - Ensenada 20

Quote from: Scooter on Sep 08, 2023, 11:45 AMAgain, not saying training is bad. Encroaching on rights and new bureaucracies IS bad.

I disagree.  More training is a good idea.  It would be even better if it truly covered safe boating (maybe some does).  The more training isn't going to happen without the bureaucracy to enforce it - some people just won't.


Noemi, it hurts my heart to read your words. Most people are fair minded, responsible and want to do the right thing. Those that aren't and don't won't and all the rules and enforcement and un-elected hierarchies of authority won't change that. All it does is make the world a slightly gloomier place.


Now that I have had my rant about mostly useless licenses ;D

My last years at the power company I was in training and safety.

The courses I taught were comprehensive, and tests were hard.  Safety was an integral part of every subject.
Safety started with keeping the floor clean before starting the day, and included testing circuits dead, regardless of the voltage, 12 V DC to 500,000V AC.

We  had standard Red Cross retraining every 2 years, and if the book changed, we kept the new book.  I have had about 20 certificates in my 40 years there.

New employees with drivers license were not allowed to drive company vehicles, even sedans, until they completed our in house safe driving class, and passed the written and driving test.  If you had to take the course twice, and failed the second time, you were fired on the spot.

My complaint is for licenses that are not plastic, do not last a long time, and do not require the officer to go onto the database to see if you have been issued one if you do not have yours in your possession.

You can be stopped, submit a drivers license, they check and find it revoked, and give a ticket, why not the reciprocal?

My pilots license is recorded in an FAA database, and anyone can look me up.  If I am asked for my license, and do not have it, I have a week to provide it, but the FAA personnel just go on line and check.  You have one on record?  Good to go, no need to present it.  Same for any enforcement officer.

Training that does teach more than the most basic items is absolutely a good thing, and it should be reciprocally valid in every state.

Funniest thing about permits, I have had numerous security clearances, allowing me access to some very interesting places, and see interesting things, but none of them were visible to me.  I just presented my drivers license and employee ID card, the security person entered that data in his computer, and opened the door.  I do not even know what they were called, but were beyond the Secret level, I was aware of those clearance levels, but had no card.

So, bottom line, I am very much in favor of safety training.  Just make the enforcement friendly.

Wayne Howard

I don't have a physical Florida fishing license. I have an app that Florida provides that can be shown to the game warden. (Until I drop my phone in the water, that is.)
Wayne Howard
Master and Commander of S/V Impetuous
I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing.

Norm L.

Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

Nor licenses, nor insurance. Nor safety belts. Nor helmets. Until you get caught out.
And I have to pay for your decision.