buying an 1987 P15

Started by gmart52, Mar 27, 2023, 01:12 AM

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Im looking at a 87 P15 and wondering if there are any concerns with boats of this year? The boat I'm looking at looks to be in pretty good shape.  It's been stored in a garage and sailed lightly.  I'll be seeing it later this week.  Thanks for your input.

Dave K - SF Bay

I sailed an '87 Potter 15 for nearly 20 years and I'm familiar with boats of that vintage. Do you have a more specific question? Otherwise, check the centerboard for rust (they were not galvanized at that time) and check the plywood backing plates under the u-bolt "chainplates". I found rot there. It the boat you are looking at is #1632, all those issues have been fixed (that would be my old boat)  :)