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Sometimes you win

Started by Timm R Oday25, Oct 05, 2023, 04:44 PM

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Timm R Oday25

Last fall ,when I went to bring our 25 Oday back to the dock after a short summer on her mooring ball, THe out board wouldn't start . A recently replaced fuel pump had cracked and left me doused with premium gas and no motor to return to the dock.
So I tied Enigma to the back of our dinghy and towed it back . It took the better part of 2 hours to go perhaps three city blocks .
My shoulders ,chest and forearms told me that age was creeping up on me the next day .
Since then, I've been on the lookout for a small outboard to use on the dinghy .
Yesterday ,I responded to an ad for a "like new " Yamaha 2.5 outboard . I threw Ruby in the
 truck and headed over.
The seller had the outboard on a stand ,the prop in a bucket of water .
He claimed to have had it running just an hour or two before I arrived .
No matter what he did , it wouldn't start . I suggested he offer it to me at price
clearly lower than the one he advertised . He countered with an offer of $400.00 .
I accepted and took it home . Once home ,I pulled the plug and saw zero signs of gas .
I pulled the carb and removed the main jet . It took a few minutes to find
a pin small enough to unplug the jet .
Once cleared and reassemlbed ,it fired up ,idled and revved beautifully .
Clearly he fibbed , but that's okay ,I feel I came out ahead ..for once


Your joy is our joy!
Glad it was a good deal and easy fix.
Big dreams, small boats...

Captain Kidd

Better deal than mine: a Honda 2.3 for $750 - new, never seen water.

Riley Smith

Yes, I'd call that a win any day of the week! Ruby is obviously good luck!