Potter 19 boom setup for jiffy reefing with two reef points

Started by chrisj, Oct 12, 2023, 04:47 PM

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As noted, I have a new mainsail on the way that will have two sets of reef points. My existing setup if for one set of reef points (two sets were not an option in 2000, as I recall). So I need to add a cheek block and a cleat. Can someone give me the locations for the new hardware? I'd like to add it before the new sail arrives. Thanks.


You need to talk to Dave Kautz who is on this forum. He will explain to you how to handle a second reef point with no modifications.

Dave K - SF Bay

What you need for this is a clew hook for a Laser. If you google "Laser Clew Hook" they will appear. I usually buy stuff from Vela Sailing Supply and they have it for $9.

Where your reef line for the clew terminates at the boom, undo the knot, slip it through the eye of the clew hook and retie the knot. Now, when you want to put in the second reef pull the tack cringle down and put in on the hook  at the gooseneck. Slide your new clew hook up the reef line and put it in the clew cringle for the second reef. Tension the line appropriately and you are on your way under much reduced sail. The clew hook allows you to use the one reef line for the clew on both reefs. You may need to slack the reef line before engaging the second reef if you had pulled the first reef really tight.

When I first got a mainsail with two reef points on my P-15 I set up both reefs in the conventional way. It makes the boom very busy with lines dangling and makes it harder to raise the sail with the second reef line that is always there almost halfway up the sail. Using the clew hook leaves the complication as it is now and it works well enough for the few occasions where you will actually need to put in a second reef. Frankly, by the time the wind is approaching 30 knots in a Potter I was as likely to drop the sail altogether and motor for shelter as I was to put in the second reef.