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Trailer Repair Charges

Started by Pat, Oct 19, 2023, 09:23 AM

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So this summer I bought a 2013 precision 21 sailboat with trailer. However, here in Maryland the private sale trailer has to be inspected.
Paid $1800 for a new actuator or master cylinder they call it at the front of the trailer to break the wheels via centripetal force of the car slows AND I had to get both wheels re-packed because of bad bearings the trailer. Sorry, here's my question was I hosed???


Can't say whether you were hosed or not.  Boat trailer bearings generally need to be repacked annually because of water intrusion past the seals into the hub grease.  Bearing Buddies or other measures to prevent water intrusion into the hub can lengthen the interval, but I'd still be reluctant to go more than 3 years without repacking.

Back in the bad old days in South Florida, my friends and I would just toss and install new bearings every year instead of cleaning and repacking.

Boat trailer brake systems likewise are not known for longevity if exposed routinely to salt water and salt air.  Especially if the hydraulics are not kept sealed and topped off.  The longest lasting trailer brakes use discs and pads rather than shoes and drums.  You can see the status of the brakes without pulling the wheel.

In any case, if the trailer hasn't been maintained for a few years, you got off pretty light for a set of bearings and seals and a master cylinder.

Fred W
Stuart Mariner 19 (with a 2019 trailer with Bearing Buddies)
Yeopim Creek, Albemarle Sound, NC