Have sold the albin-25, the DuNORD

Started by NickScheuer, Oct 23, 2023, 08:08 PM

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I tried to post this several weeks ago, but evidently failed to do it right.  As life is way too short for frustration involving computers it has taken awhile for me to try again.  The whole sale process went amazingly well.  I posted an ad on the Albin Owners website and a buyers arose in less than 2 weeks.  They are a fine couple in Oriental, NC who flew to Rockford for a trial run on our Rock River, agreed to my asking price, then paid extra for delivery to Oriental.

They are keeping the name DuNORD, but of course have changed her home port.  They have already had the original seeping shaft seal updated to current technology.

I weas able to experience Pamlico Sound at the helm of the DuNORD.

The old 1993 Dodge Diesel performed flawlessly, somehow yielding much better mileage homebound through the mountains of W Virginia than on flat terrain.  Both laps, out and back, were done at max legal speeds.  Not bad for a thirty-year-old truck.

The new owners have a fine new truck, but it is intended to be used only for towing the Albin away from a hurricane.  Her mooring is at a fine dock behind their home near the mouth of the Neuse River. 

Charles Brennan

Nick, So what is your NEXT boat going to be?

Charles Brennan


Tried 3 replies. They all disappeared before completion.  As I said, life is too short for this bs.  Maybe I'll come back in a week or two.

Jim B., CD-25

Congrats (or condolences) on the sale, Nick.  Even when you're selling by choice, it is emotional to see a good boat go.  Wish you all the best with this next chapter.


Didn't want to be owner when the original Volvo-Peta MD-17C needed replacement.


Next boat?  Google Seabreeze-23 (90 hp Yamaha) made near Gander Newfoundland.  Or, the 17 ft fiberglass canoe on a trailer in my driveway rigged with sail rig and amas.