Mother Nature says you can't have all the seasons in one week.

Started by Wayne Howard, Oct 30, 2023, 12:12 PM

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Wayne Howard

Texas says "Hold my beer."

The temperature went from 85 to 40 like it saw a state trooper.  :o  The pets are asking to go outside but turn around at the door when the wind hits them.
Wayne Howard
Master and Commander of S/V Impetuous
I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing.

Doug SC

Our high today is 84. Tomorrow high is 53 with chance of rain and a low of 33. The next two morning lows will be below freezing.

Timm R Oday25

Same here . thursday temps broke 80 . By friday afternoon we were in the low 40's . We've been firing up the wood burner ever since

Captain Kidd

High 80's yesterday; freeze warning Wednesday night!

Jim B., CD-25

A week?  How 'bout: a day?  We are in the middle of a move to Arizona.  Oh, we're IN Arizona, just getting the new house set up.  After a couple decades of living on the water in Texas, we are used to "moderation": generally a 10º swing at most from overnight low to daytime high.  Here in the desert, it is most often a 30º swing from daily low to high.  I realize you guys are talking about highs for the days... I'm learning how to layer effectively.  And going from turning the heated seats on in the car to needing a/c an hour and a half later.


3 consecutive days of mid to upper 80'sF to start the month.  Then highs in the 70s for a couple day with one nice F5 day windsurfing.  Maybe should have gone sailing.  Turns out the last above 50F windy day of the month.  Set a new low standard. Zero days sailing in October due to no real safe windy days.  A few gale force, 40Fs day if that's you thing. Awoke today to.....
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Good thing I put Vela to rest for the season last week. Should parked the truck in the garage last night. 

Riley Smith

It started blowing from the north at dusk yesterday and it's blowing harder at dusk tonight. 22-28 kts. out on the water at the data buoy. Temps are going down too. I'm sure there is no water in the small bay in front of the Labrot House. It gets unnavigable on a strong north wind. PawPaw used to say it would blow for three days out of the north when a front came through and he was pretty much spot on.