A book recommendation for winter reading

Started by Norm L., Nov 22, 2023, 01:25 PM

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Norm L.

This was loaned to me by a friend and I'm slowly working my way through it. It's Men at Sea an anthology assembled by a Brandt Aymar and is 600+ pages long composed of 63 stories. They are short stories fiction and documentary, some chapters from well-known books on sailing and the sea. Perfect for bedtime reading.

Reading the writing style of some of the authors from 100 to 200 years ago is a joy, but so is the writing of Hemmingway and William F. Buckley.

And you can get a copy at places like Alibris or Better World Books (my two favorite used book sources) for between 3 and 6 dollars.

To class up this board I suggest using Homer's "prosperous gale" instead of a following wind. And instead of rowing, "smite the deep billow of the sea". Or smite the hoary sea with your oars. 
This suggestion is made by a hoary man.

Enjoy tomorrow and family

Riley Smith

I don't get to read much anymore and sure like a good tale or two. The library requires a special trip and I guess I've sort of gotten out of the habit. To my knowledge, it's also a long way to any bookstore. It's pretty expensive for me to pay for books because I read pretty fast and they don't last long😆

Wayne Howard

Riley, I have the same problems you have with books. They're too short and too quickly read. So I bought a Kindle and downloaded the Libby App to my phone. This lets me check out library books digitally for two weeks. Your library or an affiliate should be able to hook you up to the digital library. Your library may offer other apps to download books. Hoopla, Cloudlibrary, Overdrive, Kanopy and Kobo are other contenders. Happy Reading.  :)
Wayne Howard
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I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing.


Thanks, just ordered a copy. Perfect timing for me.


I have been ordering books this fall. Got in a Greg Rossel and then a Howard Chappelle (on my doorstep this morning, forgot I ordered it...).  Waiting on JUST RECEIVED a C. Marchaj (thanks NK!) and fixing to order a John Gardner book with plans for 47 or so small boats. So  I will have some reading materials if I can pry myself away from the sights and sounds of YouTube and the interwebs in general.
Big dreams, small boats...


"Men at Sea" is excellent. Bought a good as new copy because I will pass it on when I finish. Gave virtually all of my books away a couple of years ago and no longer hold on to ones I get now.

I have read some of Slocum's works before, but never "The Voyage of the Liberdade". On page 75
now, and am looking forward to many enjoyable evenings (and some days) of the remaining 565 pages of short stories.

Norm L.

Agreed, the Slocum story was a pleasure to read. The older stories, like the part by Homer and the destruction of the Spanish Armada could be some heavy plowing, but jumping back and forth between the story and Wikipedia was a great education. A detailed reminder of a one paragraph mentions we might have had in a Lit or history class.

 I had always put the defeat on the west Channel with many Spanish survivors coming ashore in Ireland bringing Spanish surnames and helping with the Irish enmity of Britian. But much of this is in the North Sea.