+40% off on LS Outboards at OnlineOutboards.com

Started by Ed, Jan 19, 2024, 03:17 PM

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Just scored a new outboard motor for my boat.  Online Outboards is having a clearance sale on a few models and the deepest discount was on a Tohatsu 5hp, 4stroke, long shaft.  Went from $1800 to $1100 with an additional $100 off at checkout.  With tax it was $1071.65 and that's with adding a quart of Tohatsu oil.  They have a few other motors but none as deeply discounted as this one.  My old motor, a 2010 Tohatsu 4hp 4 stroke long shaft that the PO of Sea Pearl Tri #2, had dunked in salt water and had cleaned/flushed, was never trustworthy.  I put a new, 6hp carb on it after cleaning the old carb a few times with little success, but it still idled too high for too long after starting to make it useful in tight situations.  https://onlineoutboards.com/collections/overstock-deals/products/overstock-2024-tohatsu-5-hp-mfs5dl-outboard-motor

Riley Smith

I've bought two motors there with good results both times. The first time I got a 3.5 Tohatsu two-stroke that I finally decided to replace at the end of last year. This last time I almost pulled the trigger on a Suzuki and then passed, and then the Honda went on sale and I snapped it up. Congrats on your new motor and here's to reliable!


Holy Crap!  Ordered the motor yesterday and 27 hours later it was delivered to my front porch.  Woohoo, arranging to donate my old motor to the Lake Allatoona Sea Scouts.