St Pete Boat Show 2K24 Pt 3 of 3

Started by Charles Brennan, Jan 21, 2024, 03:16 PM

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Charles Brennan

Former TSBBer Brian Jernigan had a 2hp Honda on a dinghy at a BEER Cruise back in 2004 and once gave me a ride.
The Hondas  have really come far, since the one I saw back then.
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Had to happen, eventually.
Slab-sided Euro-Trash Styling comes to the Sport Fishing market.
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Plus, it comes in BLACK.
In Florida.

Yeah, I wanna see you put your hand down anywhere inside that console, come next August.
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OTOH, you probably don't have to wash the boat as often, because nothing will show!! ;D

Glad to see Catalina showing some boats, this year.
Been absent in years past.
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Ya know, when you can't even get the whole stern in the camera frame, you have to admit your condo-maran is getting just a little bit ridiculous
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And I was standing as far back on the dock as you could get and not still go into the drink.  :o

Looks like the mono-hulls are getting as wide as the condo-marans.
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Asked the sales guy if the extra wheel was like a spare tire on a car, to be used as a spare in case something happened to the first wheel?
He started to explain about steering on different tacks, when he realized he was being had.   8)

Must be getting old.
Had a suitably snarky comment in mind when I took this pic and now, can't remember it, for the life of me!  :P
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While leaving the Boat Show I admired some stragglers from the days' J-boat races, sedately drifting in to the docks at the St. Petersburg Yach Club.
I envied them their calmness and aplomb, coming in from out in the Bay, swinging around into the wind and stalling out right next to the dock.
Yes, I've done the same thing myself, but never looked so good doing it, as these guys did.
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That sight (almost!) made it worth enduring the parking frustrations.  >:(

Charles Brennan

Norm L.

Nice visit Charles.
Yes, the boat designers are going the route of the vehicle designers. A 4 door Corolla with a rear spoiler. A Land Rover with brake vents in the fenders. And the ever-popular fake hood scoop.

Those tricked out cat hull/pontoon boats seem to be selling the thrill of a 500 HP airboat.

And just as homes are going to the New England salt-box look, although 3 story and 6000 sq ft.

Boats are selling space not seaworthiness. Just like cruise ships. But to be fair some of those boats may never be used any further that 5 miles from land.

Seeing the pretend fast cars and pretend macho trucks it reminds me of an Italian term from the 60's.
Cafe Racers. Those were the great looking high performance, expensive Italian motorcycles that never got more than 5 Ks from the Tiber.

Captain Kidd

Thanks, Charles. Enjoyed.

Can't help but remember our 2007 trip to Tampa Bay/St. Joseph's Sound/Gulf with the Macgregor 26. Launched from St. Pete Municipal Marina to start the trip. We had one of our best sails ever sailing out to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and back before trailering over to Clearwater and sailing in the Sound and Gulf.

Here's me, the mrs. and our younger daughter the night we arrived eating a late supper atop the St. Pete Pier building as seen in the background of the second pic.

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