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Started by noelH, Feb 07, 2024, 02:12 PM

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Awoke one morning to no hearing in the left ear. SSNHL(sudden sensorineural hearing loss).  Now like the majority of cases diagnosed as Idiopathic SSNHL. Just got to accept another aging disability. Problem is my balance went from "exceptional" to not the best.   Windsurfing, snowboarding, surfskating are probably done.  Initially was concerned that sailing might be done. But either balance is improving or I've adjusted, accommodated to the loss.  Jumped onto the Indo roller board and managed not to fall off. But falling off Vela in L. Superior is probably the last day breathing.

Thinking cat or trimaran would roll and pitch less? At least on a sailboat most the motion is relatively smooth and slow. Right now the balance issue is a bit of a delayed response and at times over response to rapid changes in equilibrium.

Maybe this negative life event has a real positive.  Always wanted a Farrier F22 or DragonFly 25. Might have to build a boathouse/barn and spend the big $$$s.


Sorry to hear of your troubles Noel.

Have you been following the fast trimaran race out of Brest, France?


Big dreams, small boats...

Jim B., CD-25

I moved to a trimaran (F27) from a monohull for the increase in speed back in the day.  The ride/movement is different... I used to joke that "in order to go overboard, I had to fall off twice: once to fall out of the cockpit, and a second time to fall off the net/ama."  We really enjoyed that boat.  That said, with most trimarans, there is still some movement and leaning.  A taller mast to deal with when rigging (and more stress on the rigging).  (The Telstar has a great mast raising system, but isn't as fast as the Corsair F27/F28.)  A side-tie or wider berth when in a marina.  Narrower accommodations in the cabin compared to a similar size monohull.

I sailed on various Hobies over the years and never found them as comfortable as a boat with a cockpit.  Bigger cats sail flatter (I had a friend who had a 36' cat - certainly not "trailerable").

The sailing on a cat or a tri is different, but every bit as enjoyable.  They may not be the answer to balance issues, but it would be worth it to try to snag a ride to see if it works for you.

Norm L.

I had vertigo show up one night a year ago. It was like laying down in bed after too many hours of drinking. But passed in about 30 seconds. I got PT and do my exercises 3 times a week and it has ceased being a problem while a 2 or 3 second episode can still pop up.

My experience is with powered catamarans of the high-speed passenger kind. They are great in protected water, but not in a sea, depending on the sea direction. a quartering aft sea sets up a corkscrew motion. This is not good for passengers.

I have heard stories about such a trip on the Key West Express out of Fort Myers.
I took the Milwaukee/Muskegon ferry on a cold but beautiful day. There were only about 30 passengers but 25 of them were sick from that corkscrew motion. I ended up sitting on a bench outside in the lee of the deckhouse talking to a tug captain from Chicago. He was smoking a cigar and if he had gone into the house people would have killed him. Not because of a fear of secondhand smoke but the very unwelcome smell of his cigar.

Noemi - Ensenada 20

JimB, I saw that you had responded, and instantly thought you were going to get another kitty.  :)

Jim B., CD-25

Quote from: Noemi - Ensenada 20 on Feb 09, 2024, 07:08 PMJimB, I saw that you had responded, and instantly thought you were going to get another kitty.  :)

Hi Noemi - We did get another cat; the house felt empty without a feline family member.  One does not replace another, but we have more room in our hearts.  Meet Murphy...

Apologies for getting off topic.

To get back on-topic: when my Mother was alive, she had bout of vertigo that went on for days. Her doctor sent her to a guy who "manipulated her head" and it eliminated the problem.

Noemi - Ensenada 20

You know we have no off-topic here.

What a beautiful cat!  Hello, Murphy!!

My friend had that same experience as your mother.  There's something that can get up into the spiral....ummm...part of your inner ear.  Unspinning the head is the cure.


Noel, you might consider alternatives before spending the big bucks on a Corsair, etal.  I'm on my 3rd Sea Pearl Tri (changes in sailing club composition from couples on weekend camping trips versus couples doing marina destinations) and have enjoyed each of them immensely.  Good turn of speed, sleeps two comfortably, can be towed by nearly anything, and parts are still available for the most part.  This one has been completely redone by a guy that has owned a dozen Sea Pearl models over the years. https://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/102960  If you talk to Larry, the owner, tell him I sent you, I've known and sailed with him for 20+ years.

Norm L.

Yes, Noemi. It is the ??? (named after the founder, an Italian doctor) Movement. It works for many people as that part of the inner ear is a common source. But not the only source. My version is permanent but is now at an almost unrecognizable level.