Looking for trailerable sailboat suggestions for the Gulf Coast

Started by island_boy, Feb 10, 2024, 03:27 PM

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Former Catalina 22 owner (my avatar pic), I owned it when I lived near Lake Lanier in Georgia.  Unfortunately, sold to fund a 240hp I/O Sea Ray.

Thinking of another C22, or something slightly bigger, for us to trailer down to the Gulf Coast for weekends.  Would be my wife and I, trailered from Auburn AL to Gulf Shores.

How do you think a C22 would handle the coastal weather?  Mine had a swing keel, which made groundings trivial, but I wonder how the longevity would be for the cable system in the salt water.

Or maybe a C25?  Water ballast Macgregor 25? 

Potters seem a bit small, but I know they're typically considered pretty good for weather. 

This boat would start out based out of Auburn, so used in lakes and trailered to the coast for long weekends/vacations.  Eventually I'll get a bigger boat for in the water down there, so it'll end up being a local lake boat.

Am I missing any obvious brands? 
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Captain Kidd

As someone has said, most boats will outperform their captains. With that being said, I owned and loved a 1990 Macgregor 26 with a swing keel. Roomy, easy to launch and retrieve, easy to trailer, capable, and affordable. Mine had bow pulpit, stern rails, foldup boarding ladder, bimini, roller furling jib, pop-top with hood. What's there not to like? I'd go back to one in a second.

As for brands, lots of them. Precision come to mind as well as Compac as two of my favs.