Need a stronger manual boat trailer winch

Started by tbodine88, Mar 27, 2024, 11:05 PM

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I have a winch like this one. It is rated a 3500 lbs. The boat weighs 5200lbs

Last trip I broke the strap trying to snug the bow up to the trailer pylon.

Google searches for two or more ton winches don't show any, but electric winches.

any ideas of where I could get a 4 ton manual winch would be appreciated

Thomas Bodine
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I think 3500 lbs means 3500 lbs of pulling force.  That should be enough to pull in a 5200 lb boat.

Does the trailer live outside?  How old was the existing winch/strap?  Pretty much all ropes/straps degrade in the sun, lower quality ones much faster.  And a strap doesn't have a protective cover like a double braid sailing line.  If the strap was on the older side, and the winch seems fine otherwise, I would chalk it up to UV damage and just replace the strap. 

It might be a good idea to plan on replacing it every 5 years or so going forward.  Unfortunately plastics don't always give much indication of how UV damaged they are, other than maybe some color change.  They can look basically new while being significantly weaker than they used to be.

Charles Brennan

tbodine, Agree with previous post.  You're not trying to lift that rig vertically off the ground, you're just trying to coax it onto a trailer.
Consider: When it's floating, you can pull the boat without problems, are you saying you can pull 5900 lbs?
If so, if you and I ever have to Indian Rassle, I'm going to CHEAT!! ;D

I tend to be distrustful of nylon strap winch cables, preferring braided steel cables that can be inspected for wear.

The other thing is the gearing on such loads as you describe.
Consider getting a 2 speed winch.  You use the higher gear when starting out and switch to the lower gear as you get closer to the bow stop.

Here's a link to one:

Hope this helps,
Charles Brennan


I have used that winch on other peoples trailers, they are great.