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Deck Joint Continued

Started by rfrance0718, Apr 19, 2024, 10:48 AM

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Last fall I was able to get the original sealant scraped out. Now it's warm enough to finish the job. I started yesterday by shimming open the space for about 6 feet at a time and using Acetone and a scraper as a final preparation.  I've decided on using Sikaflex 291 for the new sealant. It is supposed to create a strong gasket and resist sagging during the curing process. After I finish I've got work to do inside the cabin. The hull liner is pretty badly stained from the the leakage and my woodwork needs attention. We have new cushions being made and the wiring needs organizing.

I didn't follow through with Bahamas plans last winter because of the needed hull/work, but I'm planning a cool cruise for the summer. I thinking of hauling the boat up to Northern Michigan. From there I can check out the islands in Northern Lake Michigan,  and sail over to Door County in Wisconsin, then make my way through the straits of Mackinac, maybe stop and Mackinaw, head into the North Channel, cruise the length of Lake Huron, the Huron River, Lake St. Clair, the Detroit River, and back to our Marina on Lake Erie. (I have a plan for getting my trailer home, and I may have several different crews)

Other upgrades include a new jib and I'm looking at new GPS models.

Timm R Oday25

This sounds like a remarkable way to spend the summer . As always include photos.