Love my Honda (2.0 HP)) outboard engine

Started by Brian N., Apr 25, 2024, 01:37 PM

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Brian N.

Purchased my little Honda 2.0 HP new in 2008. Since then I've changed the oil once every season, lower unit oil and spark plug get replaced every couple of years. Today I gave it some fresh gas and vroom on the second pull. The last time it ran was around Christmas. Nice to know how reliable the engine is. Perfect fit for the Precision 165. The only complaint is that its a bit noisy, but not anywhere as noisy as a powerboat. 
Fair winds
Brian N.

Timm R Oday25

I was fortunate in finding a "like New" Yamaha 2.5 horse for sale locally for $400.00 . Even after sitting months it starts the second pull . I plan on using it on our dinghy . Hopefully ,it will be faster than rowing...

Norm L.

There is a commercial magazine that puts out an annual list of the latest diesel engines from 100 to 3000 HP.
For the first time they have done the same thing for outboard motors. With e-mags a link might get you to the magazine but not the pages and this mag, while free you might need to get on the mailing list.

I am going to try to post here all the engines 2-15 Hp. One of the interesting points is the weight of each, nice to have them all in front of you for comparison.
I hope to do that by this time next week.