At least we were out on the water

Started by Timm R Oday25, May 06, 2024, 11:36 AM

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Timm R Oday25

This is a frustrating time of year for me. I wait all winter for sailing season . A mad scramble to install everythin.g I bought over winter .
Make the 50 mile run over to Lake Michigan to see if my winter mooring stick survived being crushed by 3 foot thick ice .
For perhaps the last twenty years,I've enjoyed rowing our dinghy out to our mooring . It takes awhile with Bobbie the wife and Ruby the dog are onboard . Ruby barks and snaps as the oars come out of the water .
She runs back and forth in anticipation of going swimming in the 40 degree water .
 This past fall I picked a fairly new 2.5 horse Yamaha outboard for a few hundred bucks . It was starting instantly in a 55 gallon barrel.
 But how would it work in the real world ? Bobbie laughed at how slow we were going once we were all onboard heading up a local river . We went upriver ,just incase the outboard failed . At least the current would eventually carry us back the to boat ramp
 She finally had to admit ,it was faster rowing .Judging by the mud and the smiles I'd say the the little Yammie did ok .Just one step closer to launching

Timm R Oday25

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Norm L.


Is there a way to upload a Word document here and even if I could, could it be opened?
It is all the specs on small outboards, all in one place. I thought it might be useful to some of you.

(Although you are all too cheap to buy a new one) Oooops -X

Charles Brennan

Norm, why not open the document, click on it somewhere and press ctrl a (select all) then ctrl c (copy all).
Next, open a new post in TSBB and press ctrl v (paste)
Should do pretty much the same thing.

Hope this helps,
Charles Brennan

Riley Smith

I like to row the Duroboat around the shoreline when we're on the beach. It's a lot easier (and quieter) than dealing with the motor. Plus the water is so shallow that a motor is a problem anyway. That 40 deg. water sounds COLD! It's starting to warm up nicely here but still cool for swimming for a couple of more weeks, although those terrorist grandchildren are already splashing and having a blast in the pool. Jackson broke out swimming yesterday and that's one more we have taught that valuable skill.

Timm R Oday25

Riley, as lifelong member of the perpetually frozen ,I've come to the understanding that you just need to dress for the weather .
 Charles Brennan might not understand this .. I've already done my first shipwreck dives in Lake Michigan this spring. It was a solid 39 degrees all the way to the bottom ..
My new DUI drysuit kept me very warm...

Riley Smith

I'm on the nudist end of the spectrum ;D  Hah! Get THAT out of your mind!!!! ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D


The kids were out sailing Opti's in Bristol, Rhode Island Sunday.
Gray skies, sprinkles, upper 40's and flags a-blowing straight out.
Glad to see they were well-outfitted for weather, nice foulies.

Gorgeous in Newport, RI today sunny and mid-70's.

@Riley Smith Oh my tender minds-eye!  :D

@Tim you know you haven't lived until you've been frozen into your 7mm wetsuit!   :o  8)

Big dreams, small boats...

Norm L.

Thank you Charles. That sounds like the direct route, and I will try it.