Mast Raising

Started by Bud, Jan 30, 2023, 09:39 PM

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Judy B

I built this for my 1985 Potter 19.  I had a Mast up for the mast crutch, with a roller.  (It doesn't require the telescoping feature of the Mastup).

Here's the system I use for my Corsair F24 trimaran. It's conceptually similar to the system designed by Ian Farrier for the F22. 

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 read the comments.
Judy Blumhorst
San Francisco Bay and Delta, California
2013 Potter 19 modified with bulb keel and bowsprit
1992 Corsair F24 Mk1


Thanks for all the input. I am in the middle of a "Honey Do List", I do see a light up ahead hopefully it's the end not a train. I think I will try Dougs method first. His winch is higher, but coming off the top of my bow pulpit might work. I do have a 2 speed winch and on low speed I might be able to get the mast started. In the mean time I will look for a tube to fit inside my mast crutch.
I did drop my mast and raise it again while on the water. I did it to see if I could. I used the mast raising system that came with the P19. That was some time ago before someone put lead in the mast.


I tried to raise my mast using the trailer winch, rated at 2600 pounds. I ran the trailer strap up thru my code zero O ring on top of the bow pulpit and attached it to my jib halyard. Using high gear on the winch the mast started to raise. It immediately swung to my right bending the bracket at the base of the mast. I had forgotten to hook up the baby stays. I put the mast back on the crutch and hooked up the baby stays. The mast started to raise and went immediately to port. I either have to move my baby stays, or raise the crutch. Raising the crutch seems the easiest. The mast has to be high enough for the baby stays to control it. The other option would be to have a second person control it till the stays take over. I now know the winch easily raises the mast.
I have ordered a new base for the mast. Unfortunately, I am leaving for Moss Landing on Friday morning. I have been wondering how it would be to sleep in the P14. I am about to find out. I will be at Moss Landing for three nights.