Farther West is a big place

Started by talbot, Apr 13, 2023, 03:26 PM

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I suspect I'm the first to post in this forum because it's hard to know what is common across the entire western half for North America:
  • Rocky Mountain Lakes with notorious strong and fluky winds.
  • Big Texas reservoirs loaded with speedboats.
  • The Columbia River, tacking against the current among grain barges.
  • San Diego harbor, almost as busy as the neighboring freeways.
  • Tropical cruising to Santa Catalina.
  • Towering swells on the Oregon Coast bars.
  • Endless islands of the Salish Sea.
  • Everything else I've left out.
What should we do? I suggest that if you are a Farther Westerner with a geo-specific post in one of the other forums, you cross-post it here. If enough people post, and if it becomes clear that participants in the Texas 200 may not know or care about clearing Canada customs on Pender Island, we will get some more localized divisions of the bulletin board.

For the record, I'm a member of the Precision forum, lake-sailing most of the year in Oregon, with occasional excursions to Puget Sound and the Oregon Coast. And I think Farther West would be a good name for a boat.

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My reading of of this board's description was that it be up to but not including the west coast states.

So kansas to north dakota on one end (since Texas is part of the gulf coast area)
Then  Arizona through Idaho on the other end.
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Large - yes, it is that. I'll freely admit that the delineations I've chosen herein are as arbitrary as those any man might make, when he starts of convenience to slice up the face of Mother Earth with imaginary lines that say "here is This, and there is That".

Having more granular divisions, like 50 sub-Boards one per State, or 16-17 of three-State boards, would I think be a bit less than optimal - lots of clutter, for relatively little content.
So I thought these current divisions reasonable.

This particular division is of the size it is mostly because of 'trailer sailor capitas' and square miles - there being relatively less of the former, and more of the latter per, than in other regions of our Nation.

Additionally, large parts of this large area can clearly be seen to be 1) desert, 2) mountains, and 3) great plains.
I expect there to be few boat ramps at all, where it is 1) too dry to have water, 2) too steep to hold water, or 3) owned by Monsanto and/or Bill Gates, who do not want you carving wakes through their furrows of GMO corn and such. :)

Having it encompass the area it does, should not make it any harder for a poster or reader to interpret a Post topic which includes a geographic placename. Perhaps this should be a formatting recommendation, if not prerequisite?

That said, and as noted elsewhere, better solutions, ideas for improvements and the like, submitted with the intention of making the TSBB work better for the Members, these are always considered and appreciated. If you have a better system figured out, feel free to post to the Community, and if all (or most) agree, these things can always be changed to meet the needs of members.