Moss Landing Sail

Started by Bud, Apr 22, 2023, 04:27 PM

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Next weekend is The Moss Landing "Sail with the Whale"s. Once again the Elk Horn Yacht Club has made their guest dock available to the Potter Yachters  The sail is Saturday and Sunday, both days from Moss Landing. Most sailors arrive on Friday.
The launching fee is $17 which includes 12 hours of parking. To park your rig overnight is $10. There is a machine that only takes credit cards near the kayaks. The Iron Ranger is still available for cash. It is located next to the bathrooms. There is additional information in the Potter Newsletter.
I would appreciate it if you can let me know in advance if you are going to make the sail and what day you are launching. It will give me a chance to figure out where everyone goes if we fill the guest dock.
See you on the water 


Bud...I finally got the site to work for me....I opened another new account!! I will be there fri. 4/28...leave mon. 5/1....M15 "six"...Dan


Eric Zilbert

I will be there on Friday afternoon. - Eric



We have 7 boats arriving tomorrow April 28. Is anyone else joining us on either Friday or Saturday? On Saturday we usually leave the dock around 10 am. It is around that time that the wind begins to build.