may have caused a car accident yesterday afternoon.

Started by tjspiel, May 08, 2023, 01:39 PM

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Not a lot of wind yesterday but it was a nice day so I decided to take the boat out. And as I often do I spent some time sailing near a bridge. There's both car and pedestrian traffic on it.

It's far too low to sail under but it only cuts off a small portion of the lake. Anyway, I consider it my civic duty to provide ambiance for the people walking along the bridge so I make a couple of passes and they'll often stop to take pictures. I assume they're taking pictures of me, but it's possible they're just getting a picture of the lake in general. ;)

Last night as I turned to sail away I heard this large BOOM from the lane farthest from me. Traffic was backed up as it often is in the Summer and someone who was not paying attention rear-ended somebody else. No one was hurt as far as I know.

Maybe 30 minutes later I was sailing near the Southeast shore and heard someone yelling my name. It was a friend of mine, - who also has a boat on the lake. He was watching the sunset with his wife from a bench, saw the accident and accused me of causing it.

From the driver's perspective I probably looked like a white shark fin poking above the bridge, but my guess is that they were looking at some joggers or swimmers and not me. That's my story anyway.

Brian N.

I often feel "obligated" to give people on the local public beach a pretty picture of a sailboat just off the beach. So I often sail in to just a 100 yards or so off the beach. You were doing your "civic duty" and any accidents were due to inattentive drivers. Precisions are very good looking boats.

A real good lookin' gal
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Fair winds
Brian N.


Your 'friend' may be gaslighting you. Chances are the driver was distracted by their phone, or maybe the self-driving mechanism in their car failed..Altho the dorsal fin apparition would be good cause for a double-take


Not your fault Tom. You're not the one who "failed to assure clear distance ahead".

And your buddy was probably just jealous that you were sailing and he wasn't ... ;~P
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