Height? Potter 19 on Galvanized Baja Trailer?

Started by Floridude, May 08, 2023, 03:57 PM

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Hi All,

I need a few specs and figured someone on here might know.

1) What is the height of a Potter 19 on a Galvanized Baja Trailer (ready for trailering)? That is, from the ground up to highest part of the boat on the trailer... Specifically, the top of the mast stored horizontally up there (or any item that is the highest point on the boat).

2) What is the combined weight of a Potter 19 (with blue water layup) on a Galvanized Baja Trailer?

I've found some specs online but am unclear about the added weight of the blue water layup (if even significant).


Keith the Floridude


I am 6'2" and standing on the ground the mast is above my head. I would guess 6'6". The trailer weighs 600 pounds, you are probably looking at around 2200 pounds.