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Update and Shade

Started by FortyFour, May 19, 2023, 04:53 PM

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Arbez, my P-18, has been parked in cozy stowage found near to our house. I usually shrink wrap her but that option was months away from available here. It was an "emotional" process to put her under covers.

Speaking of which, a glimpse at a system I devised to work as cockpit Mini- Bimini. Made from Blunt Umbrella, Railblaza fishing rod attachment, and tuned by flexible webbing, it was a viable, and easy pop-up to get me out of direct sun yet allow cockpit basking and chilling. Being under the boom, it is possible to sail and have the rig up, but a better function was lunch anchor companion.
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You cannot view this attachment.   I'll miss that part too.


I love it. Some of the "real" bimini tops I've seen interfere with sailing while underway as well as with rigging. I will begin researching local parts immediately.
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I should show a key feature of the system, which didn't get made clear in the original photos. The umbrella is slipped into a rod-holding sleeve (which has an extension) that tilts, and that is connected to a swing-arm that can go from the cockpit seat to past the midline of the boat. So I can move the rig around, adjust variables, and pretty much cover any area. Even moving it with the sun if need be.

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