2 hp Honda o/b parts (float bowl)

Started by Pete, May 21, 2023, 10:59 PM

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I have a BZBF engine and BF2D carb. My float bowl must be steel (why in heck would they make this out of steel?) because it is rusted like mad. So I am looking for another at a decent price and the myriad of Honda parts has me baffled and I can't seem to find any that match my figures. Anyone know of a decent source of parts where I can find this?

Riley Smith

Good luck!! I needed a carb for my motor and ordered one from the net. Same looking carb and killer price. However it WASN'T the same and has never worked right. I could tell because the jets were different. So what happened is I got shipped a carb for a lower hp motor. You know, same motor, different carb allowing the company to sell multiple hp motors just by changing carbs. Somewhere along the way I got the wrong one.
The rust concerns me. It shouldn't happen but obviously did. Is it ingrained into the metal or just a deposit? Sometimes hard to tell but a caution here, I do not use ethanol in my small engines at all for that reason. You're just asking for trouble if you do. Chances are that corrosion extends into the inner recesses of the carb too. We're blessed to have easy access to non-ethanol fuel but I know many places that isn't the case. Like I said, good luck in sorting it all out. Parts are the pits!