New trailer sailor. But old sailors.

Started by noelH, Aug 24, 2023, 04:56 PM

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Bumped into the newest local trailer sailors while derigging after a wind foiling session last week. She and her husband are live aboards during the 6 cold months up here down I think on the Sea of Cortez. +40 years of ownership of their floating home. Up here they are stuck on land.

Couple seasons ago they were interested in Vela.  They finally purchased a trailer sailboat. Hard to find small real trailer sailboats up here. Boat had been sitting at the Washburn Marina for sale.  Needs a bit of work. Purchased for the more or less the price of the trailer.

Luckily they are into repair, restoration. Have the tools, experience, time, and desire to bring back the poor boat to seaworthy condition. On initial inspection it looked like only the winch system for the centerboard would need replacement. They discover the centerboard pivot pin that needs to be replaced will be more than a simple replacement. Previous repair was questionable in design and method. More of a rebuild. 300 or 400 pound centerboard. So for this season it's sitting in their yard lifted off the trailer onto stands to allow for repairs and restoration. 

Admire people with the skill and desire to restore old boats.


Noel, did you tell them of our merry band of trailerboat-toting misfits?
CB's centerboard repair was similar weight, mine is too if you count both pieces.
Big dreams, small boats...

Timm R Oday25

Noel , some of us plan to work on old sailboats for as long as we can..

Captain Kidd

At this point, I don't plan to restore anything. Keeping my two boats sailing and finding time to sail them is all I can handle. I do admire those who restore old boats.

I'm hoping to semi-retire in the next year or two or three. I hope my health is still good enough to be able to stay at it. My 68th year has not been super kind to me. Arthritis is setting in - hips and shoulders particulary. Hopefully it will be manageable and not keep me off the water. My wife is less mobile/agile than me and I really like including her in or some outings. We'll see how it goes.


Quote from: Spot on Aug 24, 2023, 06:08 PMNoel, did you tell them of our merry band of trailerboat-toting misfits?
CB's centerboard repair was similar weight, mine is too if you count both pieces.



Vela was purchased new. So far, maintenance and repair have been just replacing a few parts that have worn out or failed.

Now I need to consider new non-skid on the cockpit seats. Or be very careful climbing in and out of Vela.  Realized something when people noted the color of my underwear. I had "holes" on both bums of my sailing shorts.  Interesting. Non-skid and shorts wearing out at the same time. Being a cheapo.  Maybe leave the cockpit seats as is and get longer life out of the new shorts. But then life could be short if I slip and clunk my head against a dock cleat.

Timm R Oday25

Noel .. Life is too short for old shorts ..What are you saving the money for ??
This coming from a guy who wears out a pair of socks in a few weeks ..