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I pulled the trigger

Started by Riley Smith, Sep 06, 2023, 08:40 PM

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Riley Smith

New 2.3 Honda is on the way! I checked on them over the weekend and got it $100 lower than it was the day before. I took it as a sign  ;D

Brian N.

I've had the Honda 2hp for 15 years. I change the oil once each year, and the lower unit oil every 2 years along with the spark plug every other year. I do store it over winter with stabilized gas, and will start the engine once or twice during a warmer day.
Fair winds
Brian N.

Captain Kidd

Good score!

I've yet to try mine out yet. Hopefully soon.

Riley Smith

Hopefully it will be a fine motor. The two stroke Nissan has seen it's day. I may take it to someone to be repaired as a back up, but I really hate dealing with the mixing and storing. I used to take care of that with canned gasoline from Lowe's, and even with a 4-stroke it is a good idea. I'm on pins and needles :)


We can all make a motor sound while Riley's waiting...

Big dreams, small boats...

Doug SC

I am waiting on a report.

Riley Smith

Soon! Delivery is today and it's SIXTY-FIVE DEGREES! 8)  Thank you Lord; for helping me make it through another summer!