More than I wanted to know about oil

Started by Riley Smith, Sep 12, 2023, 07:31 PM

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Riley Smith

So....the Honda outboard arrived via FedEx. Late a couple of days I might mention. Which means I had to fight grandkids after I get home from work, to even DO anything with the little thing this evening. I might also mention that interspersed with childcare duties, I managed to install a ball on the lawn tractor (Drill for a cotter pin), pull the boat out, start figuring out how I want to mount this critter, and check for clearances. A roll of the dice all around but it looks very good!

Then there was the question of oil, which the owner's manual ( and I assume warranty) requires a 10W-30 FC-W. What the heck? Seems to mean that it's for four-cycle water (FC) cooled (W). Oh well, it ISN'T water cooled but somehow the pollution thing got mixed up in motor oil for crying out loud, and then there are some API codes that don't mean a whole lot, and confusion all around. The whizzes on the chat had me lined out pretty quick. I had even tried to find the Honda oil recommended online but it wasn't available. Maybe late October one site mentions....the EPA made them recall it! SO...........

Upshot of the whole affair is that the dealer recommends Mercury oil! Which I nabbed a quart, and proceeded home this evening with a mounting plate I had fabricated. Filled the motor with oil, added some gas, popped the choke, and pulled the rope. Nada. After several more pulls and checking the vent twelve times I realized the gas shut-off was off. It cranked on the first pull after I turned the valve on and purred for ten minutes or so. Very smooth compared to the teeth rattling Nissan. The operation of the clutch is very smooth too, and it engages at just over a good idle.

Yes. I LIKE!!!! I'll have to finish the mounting plate and tidy up things but she's got power!!!

Timm R Oday25

Congradulations , There is nothing quite like the feeling of money well spent.. Especially if it's boat related .

Captain Kidd

The fellow I bought my 2.3 from had already added oil and run the motor even though it was never in water. He used Mobil 1 full synthetic. Not sure if that'll hurt, but I plan to stay with it.

Oh, and someone on the Precision forum warned about overfilling.

I've been running mine for 5 minutes about every week to 10 days.

Brian N.

That was Me about the overfilling the oil sump, and originally from an old email I received from Dave Edwards. Great engine once you learn to feather the clutch. As I posted, I have a 2006 model and with a little TLC has been very reliable. Fresh gas, new oil yearly, lower unit oil and spark plug every couple of years keep it purring. Also no need to winterize, just add gas stabilizer and start it a couple of times during milder winter days. BTW - I've always used 10W30 four stroke oil, not synthetic.
Fair winds
Brian N.

Riley Smith

It is very smooth and quiet (comparatively). I like the ability to take the cowl off easily. The old Nissan was impossible to work on while afloat. And I'm a realist, because sooner or later it'll happen. The lack of cooling water makes corrosion control a bit easier. All around I'm happy and consider it a great upgrade.