Moss Landing to Monterey and return

Started by Bud, Sep 23, 2023, 11:25 AM

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This time next Saturday I will be sitting by the dock of the bay in Moss Landing waiting for the wind to come up to sail to Monterey. The sail is approximately 15 NM. Monterey Bay is not really a bay it is a large inlet. Sailing here is like sailing on the open ocean. This time of year the weather is good and the wind manageable. Of course, one never knows. 
I plan to launch on Friday. The sail usually starts around 10 am on Saturday. Monterey Harbor does not take reservations, however, they will try to put us close together. I provide them with a list of boats making the sail. To create this list I need the people to contact me no later than next Thursday (209) 815-7542 or If you don't you can still come your on your own for getting a slip.


You can also post here if you're coming on the sail

Dave K - SF Bay

Bud, I'm hoping to make this sail. This time (unlike the Cruiser Challenge) the boat and trailer are ready. However, I just got home from Europe last night and given the density of the crowds there plus having flown on a 747 that was completely full with wheezing, coughing passengers of all ages there is probably at least a 50% chance that I will get sick in the next couple of days. But, for now, please count me in for a spot at the Elkhorn YC on Friday night and Monterey on Saturday. I will have to head for home on Sunday afternoon despite the traffic since Francesca and I are expected in Sacramento Monday morning to babysit our granddaughter. Looking forward to doing some sailing!


My wife and I plan to sail to Monterey on Saturday. I'm not sure if we arrive Friday or Saturday.
Jon and Laura Barber
Monty 17

Eric Zilbert

Bud - I will be arriving Friday afternoon. Count me in for Moss on Friday, and Monterey on Sat. Plan to take down on Sunday, enjoy the yacht club dinner, then head for home. Looking forward to it so much. - Eric