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On the beach

Started by Riley Smith, Oct 22, 2023, 06:10 PM

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Riley Smith

We're staying on the beach; fishing, sailing, and generally enjoying life There's nothing like starting the day off with a win. The lawnmower had been cantankerous lately and wouldn't crank, so I figured maybe a shot of carb cleaner would do the trick. I had to go buy to try, and it DID work! Fired right up! That John Deere is one tough old mowing machine.
So , I figured after trimming some sega palms and mowing the grass, I had earned enough sailing points and headed to the Biloxi beachfront. There were catboats out when I got there but my weird schedule made me nap for a few minutes before rigging up. Late night fishing will do that.
 One guy was hauling out at the ramp as I was rigging. He invited me to the upcoming Wooden Boat show (May) where the seafood museum is going to exhibit three I think. Four
If I can fit it in.
 I rigged and launched and motored away from the dock. And sailed a long close reach. That's not normal on my usual waters and I finally relaxed and looked at the scenery moving past. S R Cat got her picture taken several times.
 Finally the breeze died as I circled a big boat from Fairhope anchored up partying behind the Hard Rock. They loved the catboat; little ice breaker! Sundown approached, and I fired up the Honda and motored in. It was a great day.


Captain Kidd

You deserved a good day sailing! Good for you. 

Got to use my 2.3 for the first time yesterday. Pushed my Hunter along better than I expected. She goes 1650 lbs dry so moving about a ton. We did 20 miles in 4-1/2 hours. About a third of that was sailing downwind on a broad reach with a 6-8 mph wind.

Gorgeous day. Report under trips subforum.

Honda 2.3