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Started by ed mashburn, Oct 24, 2023, 03:06 PM

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ed mashburn

Good afternoon to all-
So, I sold my Hunter 19 about four years ago, and I have been out of the sailing game, and to tell the truth, I have missed it. Don't get me wrong, I still get my water time on kayaks and my bay skiff for fishing, but...

Any way, this past weekend my wife and I were at a craft show down at Fairhope, Alabama- which is right on the shores of Mobile Bay, I'll have you know- and there are lots of sailboats there. And there, sitting sad and lonely on its trailer at a house next to the craft show grounds was a sailboat. My wife said, "That's a nice looking boat." And if you don't know my wife, let me assure you that was a statement of interest.
Let's cut to the chase- I am now the owner of an older Chrysler Buccaneer 18 day sailor, and folks, I have spent a good day cleaning, practicing on the mast raisings and lowering, practicing setting sails, and I can tell you all, I think I will come to value the roller furling on the jib.
I even set up and placed the wiring and lights for the old trailer, and the lights worked. If that's not a sign of approval from the gods, I don't know what is.

So, if you'll look toward Baldwin County Alabama from where ever you are, you'll see a bright glow in the sky. That's my smile beaming as I work on my new (to me at least) sailboat.

I do believe she might get wet this weekend.

you all be safe and keep well- Ed

Norm L.

Hi Ed. Welcome to the new marina and/or trailer storage site. It's always good to see an old name pop up here. That is a nice and affordable boat and I haven't seen that logo on a sail in decades. It partially fits our growing old and sailing thread but I think that is a little tender for old bods to be hiking out on. But as you said the roller fulling is a good addition.

We just passed you two weekends ago going to and from a wedding in Gulf Shores.
Send us a photo when you can.

Doug SC

At the Hospice Regatta we sailed in on Lake Harwell two weeks ago there were at least a dozen Buccaneers racing the same course as the Flying Scots we raced in. They did a rolling start to separate the two classes, so I got to see them in action. They are a good sailing boat. Congrats, and enjoy the new boat excitement!

Riley Smith

Hi Ed! Glad to "see" you! I'd say that wife of yours is a keeper ;D  Congrats on the "new" boat.

Brian N.

Glad you are back into sailing, which brings me to a thought: No guilt. We all do what is best for us at the time. A hiatus is just that. Also  this is my philosophy of sailing: If I miss a "perfect" day for sailing because something else was planed or "whatever" - no guilt. I don't own a mega yacht which cost $$$ to purchase and maintain, so if it goes unused a week or two - no guilt. I have lots of hobbies, and I would love to spend more time doing each, but family, home and other aspects of life are part of what makes my world complete. Enjoy your boat! Keep it in perspective. And BTW, your spouse sounds very much like mine.
Fair winds
Brian N.