Cedar Key Small Boat Meet 11/23 Pt 3 of too many . . . .

Started by Charles Brennan, Nov 16, 2023, 09:58 AM

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Charles Brennan

(Apologies for the chopped-up report.  The TSBB server has suddenly limited pics to 8 per post.)

First voyage in the dinghy they had just bought for $250.00, after talking the guy down from $350.00.
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And the return  trip.
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Ninigret powerboat, actually designed that way back in the 60's
Thought it was a modified sailboat hull at first, but Simon, the owner, corrected me.
I had a LOT more people talking to me, this year.  Think the WCTSS shirt I was wearing might have had something to do with it.
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That was a really pretty hand-built canoe with steamed cross members and hammered copper fasteners, built up in Maine.
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The guy in the canoe had borrowed it to see how it handled.
He came in a Coquina, an 1889 Herreshof design, that he had built.
Found out he ALSO had built a SCAMP.
He summers in Maine and uses the SCAMP up there and winters down here and uses the Coquina, locally.
Since I have been investigating the suitability of a SCAMP for aging sailors, I picked his brain for quite a while.
Also found out he's getting ready to sell it, although he already has a potential buyer in Boston.
He decided that at 75, he's getting too old to camp-cruise in a SCAMP.
I'm 73and would need maybe 3 years to build one of my own.
Otherwise, he was a most enthusiastic booster for the SCAMP and I got a lot of good information from him and even more to think about.

You know it's a light-air day, when nobody even bothers to take down their sails.
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This guy manages to get his West Wight Potter to every WCTSS outing.
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Inside of a Melon-Seed.
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Part 4 of too many coming up,
Charles Brennan