I have a WWP15 sail I would like to give away

Started by Chad M, Nov 23, 2023, 08:49 AM

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Chad M

The good: I was given this sail years ago and would like to pass it on.
The bad: I am no expert but would not say that this was a high end sail when it was new.  Doesn't appear to me to be as good as the original Odyssey sails though it does have slugs. I only used it one time and went back to my Odyssey sail with the bolt rope.  It is definitely used and I needed to sew up a couple of the batten pockets
when I got it.
The ugly:  It cost me about $60 to have the sail shipped to me years ago.  The long batten makes shipping expensive. From what I can tell it would cost over $100 to ship most places (I am located in St. Louis). The battens look similar to the Odyssey battens so one option would be to ship the sail without battens if you already have some you could use. Would be great if I could just hand it off to someone near St. Louis.
Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or interest.