Just out and about on Pensacola Bay

Started by Wayne Howard, Dec 04, 2023, 06:50 PM

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Wayne Howard

As you might remember, Impetuous and her captain have had an "interesting" year. But today, we left the slip just to run the motor and do some sailing. If you were out of the wind behind the dodger, it was a nice day. Behind the wheel, however, it was pretty chilly in short sleeves. We ran the engine hard testing for overheating. It got warmer than I like but she didn't overheat so We think we have the problem solved. Then we rolled out the jib and shut down the engine. Oh yeah, the quiet. The swish of the water sliding by the hull. The occasional slap of a wave. Not many boats out on the bay on a cloudy Monday afternoon. But we had a good time just kicking back. It was almost a shame that we had to restart the engine to get back to the slip but the winds and the bayou conspired against us and caused the wind to be on the nose for the trip up the bayou. Nobody was around when we docked so of course it was perfect.  8)
Wayne Howard
Master and Commander of S/V Impetuous
I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing.

Captain Kidd

Glad you had a nice day. You deserve it.

Was windy here today and about 60 degrees. If it wasn't for Christmas prep, I'd have been out.