Pump Holding Tank into Septic System

Started by Tedd, Apr 10, 2024, 11:19 AM

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I just bought a house that has a septic system (i.e., not city sewer). There's a port to drain an RV holding tank into the house septic system (the previous owner had an RV). Has anyone here made a system to pump a boat holding tank into a residential septic system? If so, how did you do it?

There's a marina not far away that has a pump out station so, most likely, I'll pump out the holding tank there. But if there was a not-too-expensive way to do it at home it would be nice to have that option.


Hmmmn...a messy, stinky spill in the yard 🤭, or at the marina.🤔  Tough call.
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I went the other way, pulled out the marina-compatible pump-out tube and vent that was hooked to a busted-up Porta-Poti type head and replaced with a current model, self-contained Porta-Poti. The tank is pretty small so I will probably opt for at-home septic-tank dumping unless I am somewhere that disposal is complimentary.

PS You could check if your make/model of MSD has optional parts for pumping out and flushing remotely and go from there..
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