What happens when you go around in a circle.

Started by noelH, Apr 10, 2024, 06:11 PM

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You tend to get nowhere.  My day so far... 

Thought I needed a new starboard side trailer taillight. Waited until today to install the unit purchased last December. Nice upper 60sF day.  Figured the rubber grommet that holds the sealed LED unit would be soft enough to easily remove the light. Was correct. About the only thing correct.  Popped it out. Opened the box from Pacific Trailer. Right size light, but.... Original has a 3 prong socket. Replacement 3 wires. Ordered some butt end marine grade connectors.  Was going to just solder, cover in hot glue, shrink wrap. But.... maybe not the proper way to replace.  But....before cutting the trailer wire I broke out the DeOxit D5. Cleaned every connector.  Plugged both tail light connectors in and powered up the system. Both lights now work fine... almost.  1 of 12 LED in the starboard light is dead.  Popped out the new replacement light. Sprayed on some CorrsionX.  Popped in the old. Around in a circle.

At least I have an emergency replacement LED taillight and grommet and butt connectors.

CorrsionX comes in at least 2 varieties.  Using the lighter vs. the "peanut butter".  Discovered the product during my first life as a R/C fly, aka UAS, aka drone and ep launched sailplanes. The substance waterproofs electronics. Enjoy flying over the frozen surface of L. Superior. But too many incidents of crashing into puddles on the ice or snowbanks.  CorrisonX  protects completely submerged quads from any damage. FC, ESC, motors, batteries and their connectors.

Riley Smith

Currently making all the lights work myself. The utility trailer is on the list today, following yesterdays hurricane. It got scary there a couple of times including so dark at lunch that it was like night. WAY darker than the eclipse here. Strangely the sailboat trailer worked perfectly the last time I was out but the utility trailer lives a more difficult life and both lights were smashed. I've got the harness made and all I have to do is run the wire and make the final splices. I had bought a new harness but got to digging around in the personal parts house and found one already paid for, so that one will go back. That personal supply house is probably going to get some attention too, as I've been cleaning and organizing there too. What I REALLY need to do is order a 20yd dumpster!

Wayne Howard

YAY!! CorrosionX!! I have a can on the boat and a can at the house. It really removes corrosion. I have a pair of spring assisted needlenose pliers that would not MOVE. Sprayed them with CorrosionX and let them sit for a day before working them open and closed. After several days of this, they now close easily and the spring is able to open them back up without help. If it is supposed to move and doesn't, use CorrosionX to fix it.
Wayne Howard
Master and Commander of S/V Impetuous
I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing.