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The boom lift

Started by Riley Smith, Apr 22, 2024, 12:26 PM

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Riley Smith

SO....S R Cat has a heavy boom. (And mast) Although the mast is no big deal, the boom is another story and needs a lift about 8" up on the mast end. It sticks out a couple of feet past the transom. The topping lift controls the rear of the heavy boom, so with the additional boom lift, you can easier control the head space at the rear of the boat by height of the boom above deck. S R Cat has side decks as opposed to interior seats (and it's a good place to sit!) Don't ask how many times I've had knots from a low boom. I've used a line that was originally designated as a flag halyard to accomplish this feat. It lifts the boom from the mast by running through the loops of rope (cringles) attaching the sail to the boom, and fastens at the boom jaws to two eye bolts. Last time out, one of the nuts came off one of the eye bolts and I had to play "rig on the run", but was accomplished with minimal problems because there were two of us. And I thought I'd peened those threads! I've changed it a little over the years because this boom lift line wasn't in the original plan. Ditto as far as modifying the gaff and boom jaws, too. So really, the gaff and boom are all tinkered with and tuned. There have been few problems, one of which being was the bridle for the eye bolts was too long but that's all in a day. There are lots of ropes on a catboat and getting them to all play together is an accomplishment!