Inner hull support separation?

Started by ajveltri22, Apr 24, 2024, 11:48 PM

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I've just inherited a 1997 WWP19 and I'm seeing some separation of the inner hull supports (do these have a name?). The attached picture is looking aft through the hatch under the stove showing one of these supports. Most of them on both sides have this separation at the ends. I believe the boat hasn't been sailed in about 10 years, and my theory is that pressure from the trailer bunks caused the hull to bulge inward over time, separating the edges of these supports.

Does that seem plausible? I'm thinking I'll need to lift it off the trailer and hope I can push the hull back out into the correct shape before reattaching them with more glass or epoxy.

If anyone has seen this before or has other thoughts or ideas, they'd be appreciated!

Dave Scobie

Recommend you post on the Potter Facebook group and get feedback there.  Should especially look for comments from JudyB.

Those items looks pretty insubstantial and may actually be used to remove the hull from the mould after layup.


Thanks for the link, I'll do that! That's an interesting thought about removing from the mold. I was also surprised at how poorly they seemed to be attached.

I appreciate your help!

Dave K - SF Bay

My P-15 had those and they were located directly over the trailer bunks. I always assumed they were there to stiffen the hull at those points of stress. The hull lives a much tougher life bouncing down the road on it's trailer than when supported by water. But Dave Scobie's suggestion is an interesting possibility.....
Either way, distortion of the hull is visible in your photo, so you may want to get the boat off the trailer bunks and supported more along the keel before working on a repair.